In a significant legal outcome for the people of Nyamira, the Hon. Ombija, presiding in the Keroka Chief Magistrate Court, nullified the elections of Hon. Dennis Kebaso, the Member of County Assembly in Nyansiongo Ward. The ruling, delivered on 15th February 2023, followed a case brought forth by our client, Kevin Omwancha Maranga, under the electoral laws of Kenya. This ruling marked a new chapter in the pursuit of justice and electoral integrity.

Following the initial judgment, the aggrieved parties sought recourse by appealing to the Nyamira High Court. On 6th July 2023, Hon. Justice Chemitei, presiding over the Nyamira High Court, upheld the nullification of the elections and dismissed the appeals brought by both the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) and Mochumbe Jackson Mogusu. This resounding verdict affirms the importance of adhering to the principles of democracy and fair electoral practices.

The nullification of the elections provides the people of Nyansiongo with a second opportunity to correct the course and strive for a better future, not only for themselves but also for generations to come.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the tireless efforts of our exceptional legal team led by Odhiambo Okullo, Advocate, and Mwachofi Joshua, Advocate. Their unwavering commitment to justice has played a pivotal role in achieving this momentous result. Through their dedication and expertise, the foundations of a just electoral process are reinforced from the grassroots, reaffirming that no matter the circumstances, justice shall prevail.

As the people of Nyansiongo embark on this new phase of the electoral process, we encourage them to remain vigilant, engaged, and active participants. By collectively upholding the values of democracy, we can pave the way for a more transparent and accountable government from the counties. Let this ruling serve as a reminder that all our voices matter and our actions can shape the future we desire.

Verily, we reiterate that even if the skies fall, justice shall be done!